Academy of Fine Arts Bruges (Photography), graduated 4th year, now 2nd year of specialization

Photographer on ....
Special Olympics, National Games (2013)
Woosha festival (2013, 2014)
Rock for Specials (2013-2017)

All exhibitions were organized by the Academy of Fine Arts Bruges. 
Family of the Chinese (2014)                                      Dans-I.D (2015)
Inspired by Fabre (2015)                                             Het leven zoals het is...Ter Muiden (2016)
Buurtwinkels Photo Brugge (2016)                            The Best of ... ( 2015-2018)
300 jaar Academie, identiteit, 2017 

Fotonale 2015              In 2015 my photo was one of the 50 selected photos of the Fotonale Brugge.
cd cover                       In september 2017, Marble Sounds released a live cd. My photos were used for the cover.          
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